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Are you a contractor, home builder or flipper? If yes, then you know the importance of managing your risk and cost. My goal is to provide my clients with services that help guide them through this part of the business. I make sure to introduce options that are flexible to fit their individual needs and that are as close to their  budget as possible.

A wide variety of A rated AM Best carriers, offering comprehensive programs for Home Building, Residential and Commercial General Contracting, Renovation and Remodeling, Flipping and Wholesaling, and other Construction industry Operations.

Risk Management Consulting for Companies wanting a comprehensive review of their overall insurance program. A second opinion without the obligation to change agents/brokers.

Exclusive program offerings with carriers no other agents/brokers have access to.

Contracts with carriers most agents/broker do not have access to directly or indirectly.

Bonding/Surety for Builders, Developers, Utility and Street & Road Contractors, and General Contractors. Sub-Division bonds are very difficult, and we represent carriers who will provide these hard to secure bonds.

Product Packages That Are Unique To Contractors, Builders And Flippers

My products packages are unique because of my access to exclusive carriers that are not available to other agents/brokers, which gives us the ability to be very competitive on cost, while still securing the coverage you need to manage your risk.

Offering carriers who do not exclude Work Performed by Subcontractors or exclude prior work/acts. The majority of RESIDENTIAL/HABITATIONAL carriers have one or both exclusions in their policy forms. In fact, a vast majority of the General Liability policies I review have the Sub Work exclusion. Some GL programs we offer have FLAT, non auditable policies.
Providing Single Shot, Blanket Monthly Reporting, and our most popular Blanket Annual Reporting policies. Our Builders Risk policies are comprehensive and provide coverage such as Theft, Flood & Earthquake, Wind within 1000 feet of the Coast, Soft Costs, Profit, Specs with no vacancy provision, and coverage on Homes until they are sold (not when CO is received, the point when most Builders Risk polices cease). Lower rates, less paperwork, broad coverage. The best of all aspects!
Offering an exclusive program with a carrier no other agent/broker in the Country has access to: BLANKET Annual Reporting. All the coverage as outlined under the BUILDER RISK product tab, but do not have to report additions or completions on a monthly basis. Not only do we reduce the hassle of paperwork, we turn your Builders Risk into a FIXED COST vs not knowing your actual cost until you complete the project and get it off your books. One, 5 minute annual “true up” at the end of the policy period and you are done!
99% of General Liability policies will exclude Work Performed by Sub Contractors or exclude Products/Completed Operations entirely. Having nothing more than a Premises Liability policy for slips and falls greatly increases liability risk. We offer carriers who do not have the Sub Work exclusion, and carrier who offer FLAT, non auditable policies.
Offering a wide variety of Bonding/Surety programs and options, along with difficult to place Sub-Division bonds.
This area of insurance is very straightforward, and we have over 30+ carrier options for your Property, Auto, Crime, and other ancillary coverage needs.
We offer 20+ carrier options for Workers Compensation, and difficult to place Work Comp based on class codes and experience mods.
The majority of Home Builder and Flip/Renovation operations can not get access to additional limits of coverage. And most Home Builder/Renovation General Liability carriers do not offer Umbrella/Excess policy options. In addition to offering Umbrella/Excess over Construction related risks, we can provide Umbrella/Excess options over Residential Home Builder and Flip/Renovations accounts.
A wide variety of products and coverage options available. For as little as $ 525, we can offer a BLANKET policy covering ALL of the following with a $ 100,000 limit and a $ 1,000 deductible: Contractor’s Equipment, Tools, Employees Tools, Rented & Leased Equipment, EDP (Computers), and Installation coverage.
We offer a range of carriers providing coverage on Rentals – Residential Homes or Commercial Buildings, either owned personally or under a commercial entity.
Cyber Security

The cost of a cyber event may be significant; even for a very small business. Traditional insurance was not designed for these types of risk. What will you do if your computers are infected with ransomware? What if a law enforcement entity contacts you indicating that they believe your computers have been compromised by foreign hackers? Do you have a plan? Most business owners don’t, so you are not alone. The good news is that there is now a solution to this cyber attack problem. It’s called Cyber Insurance. Click Here to learn more or contact me directly at 704-779-1582.

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“Mike is proud to serve on the Health & Safety Committee with NAHB (National Association of Home Builders), and is a Platinum Member of BuildPac. BuildPac is the lobby supporting Contractors and Home Builders at the legislative level.”


“Mike earned our business on multiple policies in Tennessee and the Carolina’s after we realized that he truly cares about our best interests. Mike provides great guidance and ensures that we get the best rates and coverage possible”. Jim Cone Chief Financial Officer – Crescent Homes TN, LLC

“Mike is an invaluable member of our strategic trade partner group. He is always looking for ways to help Eastwood mitigate the everyday risk of building homes while at the same time being concerned about the increasing cost of insurance”. – Kevin Hutchins CFO Eastwood Homes

“ We moved our insurance business to Mike in 2016 and he quickly saved us thousands of dollars. He has a strong understanding of the building business and is current on all of the new insurance products in the marketplace” – Andy Dreyfuss – Owner Piedmont Metro Development/NOVA Triad Partners

“Mike has been a fantastic business partner to us. He has helped clear up old account issues, consolidate packages, increase coverages and even reduce premiums. This can all be attributed to the personal attention that he gives each of his clients!” – Sean Sullivan –
Owner Living Stone Construction

“We were referred to Mike about 6 months ago. When I was approached, I thought there was no way that I could get better insurance coverage and there was no way I could get it for cheaper. Wow, was I wrong! He just about cut our cost in half and gave us at least twice the amount of coverage. We realized how unprotected we were prior to Mike coming in. Not only was the coverage and pricing better, his policy takes me a fraction of time to manage my builders risk by having one blanket policy vs individual policies. We are very thankful for the person who referred us to Mike and we have passed his name off to many that have had the same experience as us.”  – Terry Thayer – Owner Thayer Homes

“Our insurance needs are complex due to being a home builder as well as a land developer. Mike has taken the complicated and made it easy for us to understand and more importantly Mike’s service is above all! Having an expert insurance advisor who understands construction is incredibly important four our peace of mind and this is exactly what Mike is.” – Shawn Cummings – Owner Agency Partners

“Finally someone that knows what they’re talking about in Insurance. It’s so refreshing to speak to the expert on real estate investing insurance. I have been so impressed with Mike’s knowledge, products available, pricing, and transparency throughout this process. It’s been a breath of fresh air. Thank you Mike.” – Anthony Moore – Co-Owner Pike Properties

“Mike got into the details of our business, understood it, and then offered us a superior package at a lower price point than our current agent! That’s service!” – Tom Wood – CFO Windsor Contracting, Windsor Homes, Hillcrest Partners

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About Mike Stelljes

Proudly serving the Insurance Risk Management needs for Home Builders and the Construction/Contractor Industry since 1993.

Each insured has specific needs, and my focus is to tailor an insurance program around those needs. While cost is important, ensuring each client has proper coverage is paramount.

The total cost of any insurance program is not just what a client pays in premiums. Gaps in coverage, high deductibles, and coverage endorsements/exclusions limiting coverage can and will create significant additional costs to any insurance policy. My goal is to provide the best possible solution at the lowest possible cost.

My track record speaks for itself, which is why I am proud to represent over 350 Home Builders, REI, and Contractors in 36 states across the nation and I am licensed to provide risk management products and services in 44 states.

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“I represent over 350 Home Builders, REI, and Contractors in 36 states”

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